5 Organ Systems That Can Affect Your Pelvic Pain

5 systems than can affect pelvic pain

Pelvic pain can be quite disorienting to figure out!

1. GI system: Your plumbing (intestines) ends in the pelvic region (rectum). The rectum & pelvic floor muscles (PFM) share the nerves & the blood vessels, so gut issues (constipation, IBS, bloating) can directly affect pelvic pain.⁣

—Digestion is a tell-tale sign of gut health & paying attention to your BM is the best way to check if it’s working well.⁣

2. Urinary system: bladder CAN’T function without PFM. It’s like the constant chatter of two best friends (via pelvic/pudendal nerves). Ensuring that your bladder stays happy & healthy is one way to calm the pelvic pain. ⁣
Be sure to:⁣
– Hydrate well ⁣
– Try to stay away from known bladder irritants (caffeine, alcohol, acidic foods) ⁣
– Use the toilet every 2-4 hours (recommended)⁣
*Holding the urine either too long or urinating too frequently isn’t considered healthy bladder behavior.⁣

3. Reproductive system: Sex Hormones run the show here & control lubrication, PFM strength etc.⁣
– Long-term use of certain birth control pills can affect the hormonal balance (research), making some people prone to pelvic pain.⁣
– Decline in the estrogen levels during early postpartum & menopause is also responsible for pelvic pain. ⁣

4. Nervous system: The brain is the top boss, so even a minor stressor can trigger existing pelvic pain during flight & fight state. Be sure to:⁣
– Identify your stressors⁣
– Find activities that help calm the nervous system ⁣
*Journaling/meditation, sleep, breathing & regular exercises are good examples.*⁣

5. Musculoskeletal system: PF is a part of the core & shares muscles & ligaments with the hips, spine & abdomen.⁣
– Weakness or injury in these areas can affect the pelvic region too. ⁣
– Keeping the neighbors strong & healthy also helps reduce the strain on the pelvic region.⁣

I understand that the thought of making so many changes could be intimidating, but trust me once you start seeing the health benefits, this wouldn’t feel like drudgery!⁣